Katie Blitz

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I am good at seducing you. I have a cute little way that I use my body to talk to you and connect with you. I don't have a huge dildo. it's really not my cup of tea. There are plenty other models on here that can oblige you if that's what you want. But what you will see is tons of clit and pussy play without dildo. Tons of breast play and tons of ass. I love to drench my body in oil and have a good time touching and enjoying every single inch of these wonderful curves. As you see I love my body and can't stop touching it.

I comfortable with exploring fetishes such as feet, my feet have been worshipped. I am ok with working with pantyhose and stockings. Don't be afraid to ask me about any fetish you have.It doesn't hurt to ask and I don't offend easily. I love to be spanked by the way. I am looking for a new daddy to spoil me when needed and give my big ass a good spanking whenever you see fit.

A few of my fantasies do involve the addition of another woman but men don't be put off about that because there's always room for you. I am a bit of a double dipper and love to have my cake stuffed and eat it too.One day me and my girls go out for a girls night out. We laugh all night, bond, drink and just have a good time. The hour gets late and we've all decided its best we get home to our hubbies and boyfriends. I've noticed that two of my friends are a little too drunk to drive. I offer to take them to my house to sleep it off since its right around the corner. I get them to my house where they both hobble over to my couch, laughing playfully.I tell them wait here Ill get some blankets and pillows. While Im gone my friends decide to make themselves a little more comfortable. One of my friends undresses down to her underwear claiming that she can never sleep in clothes. She catches our other friend starring at her bra(which by the way is see-thru). She calls her out on it saying,"you like what you see?" She blushes being a little embarrassed that she was caught, but nods and bravely says yes. She goes on to say that I was just imagining how those soft titties feel and thinking how I really would love to nibble on those big brown nipples. At that moment she slowly slips the bra off and tells her to come and get it. I walk down the hall back towards the den where I left my friends thinking wow this drunk asses must me knocked out sleep it's too damn quiet. I walk into the den and to my surprise I find both of my friends butt naked on the floor going at it. I mean they didn't even stop when they saw me. Their two sexy ebony bodies intertwined, rubbing, caressing, moaning every so softly. The site of their legs in a figure eight with pussies pressed together grinding, asses so juicy and breast so juicy made it hard for me not to start rubbing my own pussy. I mean the scene was smoking hot. I wanted to jump right into the fun and feel that same passion, moan those same moans, feel both of their sexy smooth skin all over mine. Instead I decided I would just watch. I mean if they wanted me in on it Im sure someone would say something.right? Unable to contain myself I thought i would just return to my bedroom, anyway my man is in bed and probably waiting. But the scene in here looked much more inviting. Well, at least I would have something to fantasize about while I get my brains fucked out. Oh but I just wanna steal one last peek.I mean it was getting good. With no regard to me being here or to life itself these women were now in 69 position and eating each other's pussies out as if it were their last supper. I all but ran to my bedroom, stripped my clothes off and started going to town on my man's dick. I was sucking the skin off of that dick. It was so rock hard before he could even realize what was happening I sat my wet juicy pussy down on his dick. That's when he looked up at me, smiled, and said wow you ladies must have gotten real drunk tonight. I look at him and say in more ways than you know we really got fucked up. I started to wine my hips a bit and ride him slowly. I told him I had a confession to make. I told him about my two friends getting a little too drunk and how I offered our den to them until morning. I then told him how when I left to go get blankets and pillows I came back to them having mad passionate sex all over the floor. I confessed that it turned me on and how I wish I would've somehow been sandwiched in between that lovemaking. He looked me in the eyes and said lets go watch. We crept down the hall and was happy to see that they were still going at it. We were both naked watching my two girlfriend have sex and it was amazing. I looked down and saw my man stroking his dick slowly. I started to rub my pussy slowly and rub my nipples. I must've moaned louder than expected because that finally got one of my friends attention and she looks in my eyes and motions with her hands for me to come over. I walk over there slowly trying to hide all this excitement . My other friend kisses my neck and the other kisses my nice supple breast. They both look at me and tell me Im forgetting someone.they look over to my man. All three of us tell him to bring that big rock hard dick over here. He blushes and gives a giggle. The scene is so intense now. Full of moans, licking, sucking, fucking, mouths everywhere on various body parts, hands in all places. Everyone was being pleased all night long.mmmmm Katie Blitz 00000hlady Katie Blitz maryseyes livejasmin Katie Blitz boypornium Katie Blitz shemalesexvedos Katie Blitz lovegirl50 profile on myfreecams Katie Blitz lanalouisa Katie Blitz flybigtitsnow5 vidéo

Katie Blitz

I love laughing and being goofy but I can also have a serious sensitive side. I love attention as you can see. I am a bit of a girl next door type(albeit a kinkier version of that girl.but anyway) I also enjoy bringing people joy with my positive energy. I have been told many times that I have an inviting smile and eyes that make you feel as though you've known me for years. That I will say is my strongest quality. making everyone feel as comfortable as possible

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